Truly Inspirational. May Allah Accept The Efforts of all those serving His deen. Ameen

~~~RSB~~~ Rehana Shah Bulbulia

The tragedy of the land of Syria, like Palestine, continues to plague the hearts and emotions of Muslims throughout the world. Pictures of grotesque atrocities committed against innocent women, children and fellow Muslims remain vividly etched in our minds. In lands which were once graced by the presence and justice of leaders like Umar bin Khattaab RA, inconceivable inhumanities are being perpetuated daily by an oppressive tyrannical regime. This has become the painfully unbearable reality of the land of Shaam.

Through the eyes and experiences of well known journalist and correspondent for Channel Islam International, Azhar Vadi, we are afforded the insight of his unique and first hand encounters…in the line of duty, as a journalist and a Muslim, in the current ‘hot zones’ of Syria.

Alhamdulillah, through the will of ALLAH, you were granted such a unique opportunity to travel to the troubled land of Syria in a journalistic…

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