Ways on how to treat your wife in accordance to Islam

(inspired by the late ML Yunus Patel Rahmatullahi Alaih)

1.Make her feel secure, don’t threaten her with divorce.
2.Give sincere Salaams.
… 3.Treat her gently, as fragile vessel.
4.Advise in private,at the best time, in the best way and atmosphere.
5.Be generous with her.
6.Warm the seat for her, you will warm her heart.
7.Avoid anger, be in Wudhu at all times.
9.Don’t be rigid or harsh-hearted or you will be broken.
10.Be a good listener.
11.Yes for flattery. No for arguing.
12.Call your wife with the best names, cute nicknames, and names she loves to hear.
13. A pleasant surprise.
14. Preserve and guard the tongue.
15. Expect, accept, and overlook her shortcomings.
16. Give sincere compliments.
17. Encourage her to keep good relations with her family.
18. Speak of the topic of her interest.
19. Express to her relatives, how wonderful she is.
20. Give each other gifts.
21. Get rid of routine, surprise her.
22. Have a good opinion of each other.
23. Have good manners, overlook small things, don’t nitpick.
25. Expect and respect her jealousy.
26. Be humble.
27. Sacrifice your happiness for hers.
28. Help at home, with housework.
29. Help her love your relatives, but don’t try to force her.
30. Let her know that she is the ideal wife for you.
31. Remember your wife in Du’a.
32. Leave the past for Allah, don’t dwell on, dig into, or bring it up.
33. Don’t act as if you are doing her a favor by working or providing, Allah is the Provider, the husband is the carrier of the sustenance to the family.
34. Take Shaitan as your enemy, not your wife.
35. Put food in your wife’s mouth.
36. Treat your wife like she is the most precious pearl that you want to protect.
37. Show her your smile

What beautiful advice!


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